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well, it's been fun...and my time here is done.   
07:08pm 10/08/2004
mood: sad
before i continue on that statement, i guess i'll update on what's been going on lately. ummmm let's see..on friday, my family came down from west covina and stayed for the weekend. it was fun because i hadn't seen most of them since i was 9 at my lola & tata's 50th anniversary. later in the day, i went with the cousins to the beach..we went to coronado cays because i couldn't think of any other beach to go to, and since the parental mother unit wouldn't let me take the car because she had to use it, i couldn't bring them to the navy base beach. it's pretty much the same but nicer and a lot less crowded. we made fun of people whose flubbers were popping out everywhere & kuya mike kept getting us with wet sand & water. then on the way home, i was the "drunk navigator" because we tried to avoid the traffic by going home the long way, & i almost made us get back into traffic because i got myself lost somewhere. on saturday, it was my party..but more of a get-together. thank u to everyone who came OR called/responded somehow if they weren't able to come. really, there was no excuse to not get back to me on it since every type of way to get a hold of me was given out. and i totally don't buy some of the excuses that were given to me, especially the one about "not receiving the invite." totally not an excuse especially for hotmail because the ones who didn't receive my invite were the people who have AOL & yahoo..but whatever. it's over with, i had fun & that's all that matters. on sunday, nothing too exciting happened. the family left & i soo thought that we were going up there this weekend for one last visit before i go..but noooooo, my dad had to ruin that. i got pissed at him but got over it because they might be coming back down this weekend. i really hope they do too because i'm going to miss them soooo much..and so began the beginning of my homesickness. usually when they leave, i stay out in the front & wave to them as they drive off because they yell funny things at me..but this time i waved once & ran inside because i started to cry! lol i didn't think i was going to cry because i did such a good job of holding it back & i didn't think i was going to be this broken up over it, seeing how i'll be back in december. but then i realized that it would be okay if they didn't come this weekend because i wouldn't have such a hard time saying goodbye since i wouldn't have to say it. and then i began to get more pissed off because i had one last chance to go to the other school near them to give me the option of staying with them every weekend..but i realized i made the right decision in going to the one i chose. if i don't like it, i can always transfer whenever that's possible. so yeah..after getting stressed out over starting to pack & finding out that there are more things i need to buy, my allergies have started up. and this sucks too, because i really want to go out with meems & dirrty on thursday for our *tDc outing/reunion* lol..fuuuuuuuuuuuuck dude we've been planning that shit for almost 2 months now! and when we finally decide on a date when we can all go, i realize i might not be able to because of how much i need to pack & my allergies now & everything i need to finish by friday. i don't have to finish it by friday, but i set that as my target date to finish everything because if the family does come down for the weekend, i won't have to worry about packing since it will be finished & i will be able to enjoy my last few days here relaxing instead of stressing out & packing. [[michael, i will talk to u about this by tomorrow & see if we can work something out..]] so on that note, i guess this will be either my last entry, or one of the last entries i write on here.

GOODBYE EVERYONE!..this livejournal was fun while it lasted, even when the times were not so fun.

i will miss you..but don't be too broken up though, because i'll be back as soon as i get everything settled. i won't be back on this livejournal though..it's bad karma for me to start something off brand new & keep the same name, whether it be email/screen name/livejournal/xanga. when i finish working on my new one, i'll start posting again. until then, i'll say goodnite instead of goodbye.

me 0=*) <-- with a teardrop of happiness, even though it looks like a nose with this font.

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erin will appreciate this & i'm laughing my ass off!   
11:33am 07/08/2004
mood: giggly
Day Camp

Male Counselor #1.....Damon Wayans
Female Counselor.....Ellen Cleghorne
Male Counselor #2.....Tim Meadows
Busdriver #1.....Adam Sandler
Busdriver #2.....Chris Farley

[ open on exterior, African-American day camp, the kids crowd around outside while waiting for their buses to arrive ]

Male Counselor #1: Alright, alright, I want everybody lined up!

Female Counselor: Alright. [ rading from list on clipboard ] Akila, Charneal.. come on! We gotta line up, otherwise we're not gonna play!

Male Counselor #1: That goes for you, too, Briquette! I want you over there by Pneumonia! Alright, we're gonna play Red Rover. Everybody want to play Red Rover?

[ the kids yell with excitement, all except for one ]

Male Counselor #1: What's wrong with you, Lexicon? You too cool to play Red Rover? Maybe you and Monoxodil want to sit on the bench all night! Alright. Let's pick sides. Latrine, Melanoma.. you two are captains!

Female Counselor: Nah-ah-ah! Melanoma was Captain yesterday!

[ two girls begin to scuffle; Male Counselor #2 breaks them up ]

Male Counselor #1: Hey, hey! What's that all about?!

Male Counselor #2: I'm sorry.. it's Noxzema, sir. She and Algebra have been ganging up on Purina and Chlymydia all day.

Male Counselor #1: Fine! Then you're all four on the same team! Okay.. I want Chinchilla, Hyperbole, Frigidaire and Bulimia - over here, right now!

Female Counselor: Let's go! Let's go, on that side! Alright, on this side.. let's have Quesadilla, Binaca, Silhouette and Agoraphobia! Let's go!

Male Counselor #1: Okay, over here.. I want Testicle, I want Uretha, and Uvula - over here, right now!

Female Counselor: Uhh.. I think you might want to keep them seperated. Uvula, uh.. over here with Lubriderm, Spatula, Conundrum and Mylanta!

Male Counselor #1: Okay. Now, everybody remembers how to play Red Rover? What you want to do is say, "Red Rover! Red Rover! Send Spinal Bifida 'round over!" And then, Spinal Bifida, you break the human chain.

Male Counselor #2: Okay, I'm sorry.. uh.. anyone taking the bus back to Oceanside, it's here. So, I'm gonna need Crackatola, Robitussin, Hologram, Nutrasweet, Gynalotrimen, Trifecta and Quinella. Let's go!

Male Counselor #1: It's alright, it's alright.. we can still play! We got Cornea, we got Listerine, and we got Harpischord Duracell!

Busdriver #1: [ enters scene ] Alright, kids, uh.. bus to Greenport! I need, uh.. Fellatio, uh.. Exomon Red Tattooie.. and Abracadabra - let's go!

Female Counselor: Outta here!

Busdriver #2: [ enters scene ] Sorry, kids! Bus to Hampstat's here! Let's have.. Genitalia, Rubik's Cube, K-Tel, Placebo and Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon!

Male Counselor #1: Alright, then, we gonna have to forget the Red Rover game, but I got another one. We gonna play The Name Game! We'll start with Onomatopoeia. [ singing ] "Onomato bo-poeia, Banana-fama fo-poeia, Fee-fi mo-poeia.."

[ fade ]

****and i remember the "M-Y-Q-U-E-L-L-E...." skit...i can't find it but JAMIE FOXX played him!! i'm almost positive it's him!

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i'm LEGAL [enough]!   
11:51pm 04/08/2004
mood: happy
well i'll make this short..since it's like the last few minutes of my birthday, i'd like to say that i had fun today. it started out boring..but then i went to Hollister & got a cute skirt, a "don't feed the squirrels" tee & the "i don't do drama" tee that i have been looking for. then the day just went by slow..until around 8 when meems & brandon came over. they took me out to cold stone where i got my *free* birthday cake remix ice cream & the *bouquet of flowers from brandon* lol..they were just random flowers that i thought were pretty that grow around the side of cold stone..we chilled there for a little while & then came back in time to watch the finale of the simple life & then south park. meems played with coheed & cambria and brandon watched tv..meems has my car!! hahaha u know i'm a total sucker for honda civics or almost anything honda [as long as it's an accord or civic]..then they left & then erin came right after..we watched the ashlee simpson show & bug juice..i laughed so hard i cried.

[[to be continued tomorrow]..

so yeah..my birthdays are always good when it's almost over..how weird is that? thanks u guys..it was fun!

_[[ continued today ]]_
okay..so yesterday night i was watching a re-run of smallville when meems & brandon come over..so we chill a lil in the living room & then meems tells me that she got a new car. i asked her what kind & she told me it was a brand new honda civic & i got all excited cuz u know how i am about those cars. then i said i wanted to go see it & then she says that her & brandon want to take me to coldstone. so i asked the parental mother unit & she said okay. so i changed cuz i was wearing my lil pink pj's & then we were on our way. it was fun..it also gave me a chance to wear my early november zip-up hoodie cuz i haven't gotten a chance to wear it since warped tour. so we get to coldstone & there are like a grip of people there..so we wait in line & we saw tyler [hunsicker], andrew [andriopolous], nick [penkin..i think] & some chick working there. i've never been to coldstone so i looked @ what ice cream i wanted..since it was my birthday, i figured i should get the birthday cake remix ice cream..so then we went around back & waited for our ice cream. while we were waiting, i saw a pretty flower & picked it..or @ least tried to. it was funny though cuz it like gizzed on me when it ripped & all this gooey clear stuff came out on my hand. then brandon decides to start picking a bunch of flowers & he gave meems & i a *bouquet* lol..we were holding a bunch of flowers & all these cars kept passing by & looking @ us weird. it was funny..then we got our ice cream & thanked nick. then we sat down & finished the ice cream..they finished theirs but i was full so i didn't finish mine. brandon was talking about something & when he said "fuck that shit", this little boy next to us looked @ him with an open mouth. meems was the only one who saw it & we all busted up laughing cuz of how she imitated the little boy. then we came home & chilled a bit more. then brandon watched south park & meems & i went out & played with coheed & cambria..then dj got jealous so we went back & played with him, but it turns out he was hungry so i gave him his friskies & he was happy. (thanks u guys..it was fun!) then they left & erin came over..i laughed so hard i cried. oh man..watching bug juice with her was an adventure..i've seen that episode a bunch of times, but never the beginning part of it. she kept on pointing out new things, like the girl on the show named stephanie who was apparently wearing a "bondage 007" tee that i kept on missing..& erin kept on making fun of the names & making up her own..it was funny. "hassan? malik? oh & don't forget about deshawn & anfernie [sp?] & tanisha..& michael, but spelled M-Y-Q-U-E-L-L-E....& other letters that i can't remember".

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randomness..to be updated once i get more cute & funny quotes   
08:55pm 03/08/2004
mood: giggly
onedollachucky: cuz moments like that..when i was drunk and makin out with 3 guys and a lesbian...i would SOO WANT THAT on tape

TeTeTeamFresh02: I wuvvle him
TeTeTeamFresh02: DUDE! I know what I'm blasting at your party!
hurLey6i 12 7 i3: ct?
TeTeTeamFresh02: either that or Clay Aiken
TeTeTeamFresh02: Imma roll up wit Invisible bumpin'
hurLey6i 12 7 i3: ooooooo u should blast nsync!
TeTeTeamFresh02: YES!!!!!!!
hurLey6i 12 7 i3: hmmm..
hurLey6i 12 7 i3: which song?
TeTeTeamFresh02: NSUCK!
hurLey6i 12 7 i3: lol
TeTeTeamFresh02: I want you bacK!
hurLey6i 12 7 i3: !!!!!!!!!!!
hurLey6i 12 7 i3: i love that song!
TeTeTeamFresh02: and I could like drive by and yell out the words from my car and beg you to take me back
TeTeTeamFresh02: lol
TeTeTeamFresh02: it's probably something she yells out while having ----------

The Tree Sleeper: YOU ARE GAY
The Tree Sleeper: ya right nor cal is gay

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found this on a myspace bulletin..   
04:50pm 03/08/2004
mood: groggy
..from Holly Hox..but not the Holly that some people are thinking of right now lol.


1) Using band names, spell out your name:
Unwritten Law
Early November
New End Original


Lucky Boys Confusion
At The Drive In
New Found Glory

2) Have you ever had a song written about you?
- nope

3) What song makes you cry?
- "tomorrow too late" "goodbye to you" "miles apart" "leaving on a jet plane"

4) What song makes you happy?
- "twenty three" "anywhere with you" "ganja smuggling"..or any of the airband songs i danced to this year

5) What do you like to listen to before bed?
- umm..i used to listen to saves the day and yellowcard..but now i just watch tv & fall asleep watching it


a p p e a r a n c e
HEIGHT: 5' 1/2''
SKIN COLOR: somewhat light tan
EYE COLOR: brown
PIERCINGS: ears..don't really use earrings though, unless they're my baby diamond ones or my dragonflies
TATTOOS: i plan to get one or 2 on the bony part under my tummy and a small quote on my back..one or all in homage to Angelina Jolie..don't be a biter on that though haha..definitely getting one by december with meems!!!

r i g h t n o w
WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO?: not listening to music
WHAT TASTE IS IN YOUR MOUTH?: toothpaste cuz i just brushed my teeth

d o y o u
HAVE A BAD HABIT?: yep..everyone hates it when i crack my knuckles, neck & back. get over it people because i'm gonna keep on doing it no matter what u say will end up happening to me! 0=)
GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS?: i get along with my dad cuz i don't talk to him & i hardly ever get along with my mom

l o v e
BOYFRIEND/girlfriend: nope
SEXUALITY: straight
CHILDREN: umm..maybe i'll adopt 1 or 2 in the late future
CURRENT CRUSH: umm..the HOTTNESS status is sucking down here, so i'm gonna say no on this one..especially since that HOTTNESS doesn't work at Hollister anymore..0=*(
YOUR GREATEST REGRET: i'd like to say the past 5/6 years of my life [at the moment] because i just wasted so much time..but i no longer believe in regrets. i think they're just little mistakes that happen..it's kind of hard to regret things that were partly your own fault
GONE OUT WITH SOMEONE YOU ONLY KNEW FOR THREE DAYS: ahahahahaha i was about to put no but then i remembered 11th grade..how could i forget..oh man..that was more of a semi-long fling though..

r a n d o m
YOUR CD PLAYER HAS IN IT RIGHT NOW: warped tour 04 comp.
WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: being drama & controversy-free
WHAT'S THE NEXT CD YOU'RE GONNA GET?: "Ups and Downs: Early Recordings and B-Sides" [<-- i think that's what it's called] "Through Being Cool" "The Second Stage Turbine Blade" "Room's Too Cold"
WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO?: shop & sleep & talk on my cell & be online & workout

w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t
TIME YOU CRIED?: ummmm..i think i cried last week when i was watching something on the animal planet about a puppy dying
YOU GOT A REAL LETTER?: last week of school
FROM WHO? nunya bidness yo!
YOU GOT E-MAIL: a couple minutes ago
THING YOU PURCHASED: new cell phone
TV PROGRAM YOU WATCHED: that E! special on britney spears

y o u r t h o u g h t s o n
ABORTION: pro choice
TEENAGE SMOKING: it's like whatevers..
SPICE GIRLS: i think of erin & john..& dancing to it @ my birthday last year..& 6th grade talent show when i was posh spice
DREAMS: can't really remember the ones i've had lately, but they've been pretty good..no nightmares

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08:17pm 02/08/2004
mood: bored
...the good & the bad.

+ having great teachers..sensei included
- not playing tennis..well that was both good & bad actually
- too many crushes!! not fun..
+ college acceptances
- waiting for the acceptance letters
- trying to figure out which college to go to
+ airband!!
+ having a new *tDc* in math once again
- getting caught with -o--o-- in my room..THANKS MICHAEL!! jk u know i heart ya!
+ lancer of the day!
+ getting my turtles!! i love my little coheed & cambria!
+ having a great friendship with tyler again
+ going to prom with tyler
- DRAMA & CONTROVERSY that went along with being friends with tyler & the prom situation
- everything AFTER prom
- getting into the accident with that motherfucker C.G.
+ senior banquet..though i did hate getting stared at when i was eating by some people..
- gradnite..an excellent waste of $75!
+ gradumacation!!
- crying during gradumacation & during the tassel ceremony
- kind of slipping off the ramp when i went to get my diploma
+ hugging mr. wood, mr. cawthron, ms. fericelli & ms. cannada onstage
+ warped tour..though the lies & shit were a definite minus
+ taking pictures with jeff & ace from the early november
+ interpretive dancing with erin & marybeth
+ losing someone once again, for good this time..yep that's a plus..it was hard though..but that's how it's supposed to be & i'm much happier now because i'm drama & controversy-free & i don't have to worry about others' *excess baggage* that follows others around. hopefully that person is much happier too..seriously.
- threats & stalkers
+ working on other friendships [osuna (we were cool this whole time..there was some confusion though) & steve]
+ finally getting the chance to talk to my kuya mike about lots of things..regretful about some stuff, but i needed to say it & i feel better..but now i'm not so sure..
+/- making my final, Final, FINAL decision on where to go to college..no regrets.

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the hiatus is over..& i'm back..but not for long!   
02:12pm 02/08/2004
mood: hot
so yeah..i'm back from hiatus. hmmm maybe because i'm going to switch over to my other LJ by next week or maybe because my birthday is in 2 days!! yay for me 0=) hmmm..nothing too interesting has happened since i've been on hiatus. the dorm shopping has continued & will continue even when i move into the dorm! let me just say that bed, bath & beyond is a great place to get dorm stuff. i went there & got a bunch of great things..& it's also a funny place to almost run-into some people. so i'm walking around & guess who passes by: tyler's mom. i saw her & i went the other way. now, normally i definitely would've said hi to her & would've talked to her for a little bit because she is the most awesome mom EVER & she's soo nice..but i just couldn't get the balls to go up to her & say hi. i look back on it now & i really should've said hi because she was the one who was nothing but nice to me. i guess i just didn't wanna talk about some things or answer questions if they came up. if my mom were like her, i'd NEVER act like a brat the way some people do. anyways, here's my new schedule for the fall sem.:

HPWE 124 [step aerobics! lol] -->mon/wed. 8-850am
FYS 100 --> mon/wed. 8-950pm
SBS 100 --> tues/thurs. 8-950am
MATH --> tues/thurs. 2-350pm
CST 101 --> tues/thurs. 6-750pm

i'm pretty happy with my final schedule..i basically show up to class twice a week, even though i do have a class mon/wed. early in the morning & late at night..not too excited about that, but it'll go by quick enough. ummm i talked to my roomie Jennifer & we're gonna decorate our dorm with a bunch of stuff from Urban Outfitters! haha there's one nearby in Santa Cruz so i'm guessing that after we get our stuff settled, we'll go shopping 0=) oooooooo & i have to go to some shows @ The Catalyst! it's in Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz & i know for a fact that Saves the Day plays there & so does Slightly Stoopid..& there's a Slightly Stoopid show on Oct. 7 there..i soooo wanna go. hmmmm what else has happened..oh yeah, i got a new cell phone. it's a Motorola v300 & the provider is T-Mobile. i was originally supposed to get that one Sprint phone i kept on talking about, but after looking @ it's many bad reviews, i decided to get this one. i'm not too happy with it right now though because it won't stop charging & it won't turn off..i hope that's temporary. hmmmm..what else..my birthday is on wednesday! i sound excited but i'm really not. it's just another day but i think meems might come over so i'm excited about that because i haven't seen her since warped tour. i'm already feeling homesick & i haven't left yet..but i think it'll start to get worse once the single-digit countdown begins. i've got 2 weeks left in this shithole & i can't wait to leave, but i also wish i wasn't. it was my mistake to blow off registration for the other colleges, but then again there wasn't much choice. i'm not going to the 2 UC schools i got into because:
1) i don't like Riverside [the area]
2) i never got my packet from Santa Cruz, even though i did get my acceptance thingy online
3) $20,000 for GE classes is a lot of moolah

i'm not going to CSUDH because:
1) i totally blew off registration
2) i totally blew off every chance they gave me to register past the deadlines
3) i don't like the area..Compton, Ingelwood & Watts are a teensy bit scary
4) i haven't even filled out a roommate compatability sheet!
5) too close to home, although LA is like my second home..lots of family there

so yeah..that leaves me with CSUMB..the school i'm going to. the 8-hour drive there sucks ass, but the area is really pretty. the only part that sucks is that there are no stores right next to the campus [i.e. Urban Outfitters is like right inside UCSC], so that means u have to either go to Monterey Peninsula, Salinas or Marina to get to the nearest stores. my roomie is awesome & i'm excited to meet her & to decorate our dorm! *sigh* but most of all, i'm looking forward to all the freedom i'm going to get. no one to pester u about stupid stuff or to question u about your whereabouts or to tell u how late u can stay out because there is no curfew. the HOTTNESS status over there, is well..HOTTNESS. my "type" of guys go there..tall, dark hair, punk/surfer-ish guys go there. oh my..BUT i don't want to get involved with anyone. this is a totally nerdy thing to say, but i just want to do good and not fuck up my grades because of some stupid distraction. then again, it's me..so i'm sure once i'm on campus, i'll see some HOTTNESS walk by & my whole outlook will change. but yeah..so now i'm going to go order my cake for saturday. maybe i'll update later if i get bored.

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proposed new schedule..dorm shopping begins..   
02:36pm 16/07/2004
mood: accomplished
today was great. i started shopping for dorm stuff..well, i have been shopping for stuff for the past couple weeks, but today i bought a bunch of stuff. i got a couple bins, a bunch of hangers [even though my half of the closet is pretty small..actually the whole closet is pretty small, but it's okay], a dry-erase board, a mini sewing kit, a bunch of stuff from Bath & Body Works [2 & a half bags full of body wash, soap, ANTIBACTERIAL LOTION!! *remember, michael??*, hand wash, body scrub, lotion, & body spray], more shampoo & conditioner, stuff from Victoria's Secret, & ORANGE bedsheets!!! hahaha it's the nicest color of orange EVER!! the whole thing came with orange pillowcases, an orange fitted bedsheet, & an orange flat bedsheet. the only problem is i can't find a plain orange comforter, but i figure a white, cream, or black-colored comforter will be okay if i can't find an orange one anywhere. on sunday, i got my laptop. i decorated the inside with Snow White, Chococat & other Sanrio character stickers because i wanted to personalize it. plus it looks cute 0=)..tomorrow i'm going to Ikea because i need to get more cute containers & other bedroom/kitchen supplies..i also wanna go to The Container Store because i got this discount thing from the mail & it showed all these cool dorm accessories & they have nice cd racks & stuff. i think i'm mostly excited to put everything together in my dorm..i can't bring too much stuff though because there isn't much free space. everything is divided into half, or at least the dorm i went into was. the closet is on one side & that's divided into half, & then the bathroom is on the other side, but we have to share it with the other 2 people in the dorm next to us. hmmm i'm not sure if our dorm is on the co-ed level, but i hope not. that would suck ass to share a bathroom with guys!! icky, icky. hmmm what else..oh yeah, i just finished re-registering/proposing a new class schedule. here's what it looks like:

CST 101 [comp. skills] - TR [tuesday/thursday] 10a-10:50a
FYS 100 [first year seminar..it's kind of like an english class but also helps prepare u for the rest of your "college career"] - MW [monday/wednesday] 6p-7:50p
SBS 200 [intro to socio] - MW 8a-9:50a
CALC - TR 2p-3:50p

the first time i registered, i only had to go 3 times a week. then, one of the classes changed to twice a week instead of once. then i had to re-register a couple more times because the classes i wanted ended up overlapping & i didn't realize it. now i think i have it all figured out so hopefully this schedule will be approved. well, i think i'm going to *pull a michael*, who *pulled a britney* & went on hiatus for some time. i'm tired of my username on this LJ so i started a new one, but i haven't written anything in it yet. all i did was get a new yellowcard layout. plus i felt like starting a new one cuz i got bored of this one. so yeah..if u need to get a hold of me, DON'T call my cell cuz i don't use it @ all anymore since i'll be getting a new one in like 2 weeks. if u wanna talk to me, call me at home or IM me online. toodles for now!! 0=)

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re: MELINDA   
02:44pm 12/07/2004
mood: hot
i speak for not only myself but for samantha as well, and i'm not pissed at all after that special entry you made for the both of us. and no matter what other people say or what i have said in the past, i'm no longer pissed at you or hold anything against you. i know that's hard to believe but i have no reason to hold anything against you because that's soo high school, even if you did call me a "bitch" over the phone AND throw my incubus cd out of tyler's truck [which he replaced]. that's old stuff. before i continue, i'd like to share some excerpts from 2 of the letters that tyler wrote to me..

"..you know i'm a nice guy and no matter how much i hate someone, i can't necessarily blow someone off. please understand..all i did was talk to her and i didn't like what she had to say..SERIOUSLY! all it was, was a bunch of shit!..i'll never ever leave you [especially for HER]!.."

"..i would rather choose not to explain 'the hell' i've been through..but to instead work things out with you. first thing's first, i want you to know that i would have definitely chosen to date you if i knew what i was getting myself into with melinda..she gets over me in a week and is already seeing someone..i really don't know how we would have turned out but i'm sure it would have been better than the hell i experienced.."

i'm sure that whatever he's written in those letters [as well as the others] were nothing but pure lies, but hey..all of that came straight from him. and i'm sure you know that he's called you "the most manipulative and controlling person ever" because that's what he told me as well as some other people. he also told me that going out with you is what he called a "big mistake" or "big regret" [i forgot which one]. when i asked him about why he chose you over me, do you know what he told me? "honestly, i don't know. it was just the most spontaneous thing..just a spur of the moment thing..". everything i've just said about him came straight from his mouth, i swear. you can believe me or choose not to, because either way, i really don't care. you can even show him this or ask him yourself and you know what? like everything else that's ever come out of his mouth, he'll make up a big lie and cover it up with a couple more lies and when he sees how upset you are, he'll try to "make it up" to you somehow. yup, that's a line he's told many, many people. it got old REALLY fast. hmmmm what else..i'm honestly not trying to be a bitch about all of this, but i had to respond to what you told samantha & myself. samantha could care less about tyler right now & the same goes for me, so if what you were trying to do is bring the both of us down & try to prove that you're somehow *better* than us, you're wrong. get over yourself. it didn't work. i'm doing this because something needed to be said. for all we care, YOU CAN HAVE TYLER AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!! go right ahead & take him. HE'S ALL YOURS, seeing how you're pretty much the only person who wants him. he's nothing more than a lying leftover anyway! if you guys are so in love with each other, why was he always embarrassed to have his friends know he was still talking to you or to even be seen with you, & constantly lie about it? why did he talk about how you physically & verbally abused him & how it's scarred him for life? why did he tell me it was "very uncomfortable" sitting/being with you? you're the reason he's getting "help", right? as for trying to "look out" for me & "get me to realize" that he only likes me as a friend, well..you could have done it some other way rather than the childish antics you pulled. everyone saw that as "jealousy" because i was getting the attention from him & you weren't. and when you were around him & i saw you with him, you pretty much just wanted to look at the expression on my face because he saw how upset it made me. you just wanted to prove that you still had him wrapped around your little finger. besides, i didn't need u to look out for me. it was sweet of u, though! as for samantha, she never hurt him. if anything, he's the one who hurt her by lying to her. she found out that he was still talking to you and when she confronted him, he denied it. but if all of this makes the two of you happy, then go for it. being each others' happiness is all that counts right? although..we all thought that you "don't date fucking pussies!"

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"OH SHIT!"..warped tour 04   
10:02pm 07/07/2004
mood: sore
::WARPEDtour04::-OH SHIT-*erin's storytelling voice & davy crockett*funkytown*waiting in line*patrick & his hott friend*and we're moving!!..nevermind*run run run*the early november*taking back sunday*coheed & cambria*yellowcard*get that silly cowboy out of office*i sense a trend..lauren likes all guys who look like rodents!*GET OFF THE STAGE!*senses fail*new found glory*erin's interpretive dancing*hey they made marybeth get more dancing room*emo hair*i guess i am what evil must look like because no one has ever said that after seeing & giving me such a classic reaction*who's lighting up? it smells like shit*jeff & ace are HOTT*who's that guy marybeth is talking to?*OHMYGOSH I HAVE TO GET A PICTURE WITH THE DRUMMER BECAUSE ALL DRUMMERS ARE HOTTNESS*

ERIN: i hate when people call & not know what they're talking about..i just hang up when that happens.
ME: oh i know exactly what u mean. it's like when u answer the phone & someone says 'bitch' or 'fuck u' or something like that & hangs up. i hate when that happens, but i'm used to it.
ERIN: umm..no Lauren..i can't say i've ever had that experience.
ME:: oh hahaha..nevermind. maybe it just happens to me!

well everyone..most of the entries that i make in the future will be protected. after everything that's happened since graduation, i need to keep everything safe & make sure nothing gets out..because somehow, whatever i say turns into "talking shit" & i haven't talked mad shit in a long time. i got a threat on my voicemail monday morning & i've accused 1 best friend & 1 [kind of] ex-best friend of being behind it. i'm extremely sorry for accusing the both of u but i was messed up in the head & couldn't think straight. i DO know who is behind it & i will be filing yet ANOTHER police report on his ass by next week. he's a very lucky guy..it'll be his second police report from me within a month *sarcasm*..i also have a new xanga, so if u want that, then ask me for it.

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u know things are bad when i start listening to linkin park.   
05:45pm 01/07/2004
mood: pissed off
things are going pretty downhill for me & i continue to keep myself distant from everyone because i don't want to blow up on anyone who gets in my way. i came home today from somewhere & i heard my dad getting all pissed off. i went into the backyard and found my mom's greenhouse open with a bunch of her orchids missing and shit was thrown around in the backyard. there was also some big grill lighter taken from our outside cabinet and put inside of the greenhouse. i think that's pretty fucked up & i can only think of a few people who would do something like this. last week, someone stole something from the back of my dad's truck. this week, my mom's greenhouse gets fucked over. haha with my luck, i'll be the aim for whatever next week has in store for us. my pride and joy is missing as well..& i'm talking about my cat. he hasn't been around and that's really weird because he's ALWAYS in the backyard. he's too fat & old to jump over our high fences..he usually waits for me to pick him up and place him on the fence or bring him down from the fence. i hope nothing has happened to him because i love that cat soooo [x a lot] much. i'm really disappointed about certain things right now. it's pretty much the things that i find out each day & woohoo, it's always something new. it's weird..with the way that i was crying during the last week of school & at graduation, you'd think that i'd be missing a shitload of people. i can't even think of 10 people that i miss..just a select few. argh..well all of this stress is bad for me so i started going back to doing my daily crunches again. crunches make me feel good & happy, so i don't feel as down as i sound. dirrty michael gave me some good advice today while i vented & it helped..it was advice i had given people before & it helped them. & the whole karma thing..it's not going the way it should. BUT i'm going to TRY & listen to the advice i was given & let it take its course because "after lots of bad things happen, good stuff just comes out of it."

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08:08pm 30/06/2004
mood: curious
u "anonymous" person..who are u?? this is driving me crazy! haha if i didn't like u why would u be talking to me in the first place? i can't think of many people that i don't like & u don't sound like one of them..you're a dude aren't u?? hmmm..

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steph always told me that "u never know..   
02:07pm 30/06/2004
mood: pessimistic
..what REALLY happens behind closed doors." i believe that. & i also believe that when bad karma gets u back, it's a TOTAL bitch. i'm sure we all know who i'm talking about & we're NOT going to name names. so ha! & i'm beginning to get detached from my cell phone. it's harder than i thought. i haven't looked @ it since monday, when i changed my outgoing voicemail song & turned it on silent. i won't be using it until tomorrow or the weekend, so if u need to talk to me, call me @ home.

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CSUMB & all of the damn squirrel holes there.   
03:08pm 29/06/2004
mood: confused
so last thursday my parents & i made the long 6-8 hour trip up to Seaside, CA for my orientation @ CSU Monterey Bay. i brought a bunch of cd's to listen to & let me tell ya..i'm sick & tired of soo many of the songs i listened to & i even had cd mixes with songs i didn't remember having..but anyways..we took the really boring way up there..just a hint for those who come visit me, NEVER EVER take the 5 the whole way up. u see nothing but tumbleweeds after u get out of LA..i felt like it was a car ride from hell because i couldn't fall asleep, i was bored of my music & there was nothing @ all to see..& it would've been a long-distance call for those who don't have cingular, so i was hella bored the entire time. we passed by Hollister & i was shocked to find out how rural it is..there's like nothing there. finally, we got to Marina & stayed there because it's only like 10 minutes away from the campus. the next day, we went to the aquarium in Monterey Peninsula because i love it there. if u have never been to the aquarium, u should check it out because there are sea lions all around, they have a lil section inside where the sea otters & penguins are & they have the most awesome exhibit on jellyfish called "drifters" & "tiny drifters"..it's the best. then we went back down to Monterey and checked out the only mall in the area..i was disappointed that the only stores i'd be interested in there are Macy's, Waldenbooks, some pet store, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop & Anchor Blue. argh they have NO A&F or Hollister or American Eagle & that sucks! but whatever..the people i met just said Frisco is about a 3 hour drive [more or less] & there are plenty of good stores there..then saturday came along & it was time for my orientation. a huge majority of the campus isn't what i expected because it's on an army base & most of what u see are old barracks..but they're still building the place & it looks really nice. there are so many people there who look like & remind me of people from HHS. i was chillen with people who looked & acted like Matt Hunt, Matt Huard, Andrea Bravo, Erica Brown, Eric Aguilera, Bobbi Maruca, Meems, Justin Moore & others who i can't remember @ the moment. now, over half of those people are ones i wouldn't normally be around, but they were all really nice & somehow we all just started talking. some of them were talking about the shows in Santa Cruz & we all started talking about going there often since it's like a half hour drive away so that'll be awesome..i'll get to check out shows & visit some people in Santa Cruz..the HOTTNESS status is, well..i only saw like..2 guys that i would consider HOTTNESS..& we all know what i consider HOTTNESS. but don't get me wrong, there were lots of really cute guys there who are all really nice. ESPECIALLY the ones who are RD'S [residence directors]..unfortunately, my RD isn't who i thought i was getting cuz the one i wanted was hot & cute & really funny. he told us how there's a 3-strikes rule for those caught with alcohol & a 1-strike rule for those caught with hard drugs..he told us a story about how last year, this one guy was caught with a pound of shrooms & LSD & how he was shocked to find out how many shrooms there are in a pound. he was like "come on people. a pound of shrooms couldn't even be finished up by this whole community. u & your mother couldn't finish off a pound of shrooms. you'd be busted up the ass not even getting anywhere close to finishing off the pound of shrooms.." he went off on it but it was so funny. then we took a tour of one of the dorms & it looks pretty nice, except for the fact that one bathroom is linked to 2 dorms. i'm really stoked cuz there's no curfew & u can have guests stay in your dorm whenever u want, but for up to 14 days @ a time. then while we were walking through the campus & into the foresty area, the ground was covered in these holes. i saw spiderwebs in them & immediately freaked out cuz i thought they were tarantula holes. i don't even know if tarantulas make holes but i freaked out anyway. i went up to the cute OL [orientation leader] & asked him what lived in the holes & he was like "oh the squirrel holes?" & then i guess i had this look of relief on my face when i found out they were squirrel holes cuz he said i looked all scared & when i told him i thought they were tarantula holes, he made fun of me & we joked around about it the rest of my time there. everyone up there is just so chill & laid back & really friendly. the only thing that really sucks is that on campus, my cell doesn't work cuz cingular [& verizon] don't work @ all there..i was really happy when i heard that cuz that means i'm gonna get a new cell since my contract is up in september & the only providers that work are AT&T and Sprint..then on sunday we came home. other than that, i haven't really done anything lately. i worked on my scrapbook, started doing my daily crunches again & got my warped tour ticket. big woop. oh & on my phone bill, i got charged for roaming around someplace in Mexico, & when my mom complained about it, they said that it's because Chula Vista is so close to the border that it's pretty much considered Mexico. i thought that was pretty damn fucked up.

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boys are nothing more than incessant liars.   
04:40pm 28/06/2004
mood: livid
[[empty apartment]]

Call me out
You stayed inside
One you love
Is where you hide
Shot me down as I flew by
Crash and burn
I think sometimes you forget where the heart is

Answer no to these questions
Let her go, learn a lesson
It's not me, you're not listening now
Can't you see something's missing?
You forget where the heart is

Take you away from that empty apartment
You stay and forget where the heart is
Someday if ever you love me you'd say it's okay

Waking up from this nightmare
How's your life, what's it like there?
Is it all what you want it to be?
Does it hurt when you think about me?
And how broken my heart is

Take you away from that empty apartment
You stay and forget where the heart is
Someday if ever you love me you'd say it's okay

It's okay to be angry and never let go
It only gets harder the more that you know
When you get lonely if no one's around
You know that I'll catch you when you're falling down
We came together but you left alone
And I know how it feels to walk out on your own
Maybe someday I will see you again
And you'll look me in my eyes and call me your friend

Take you away from that empty apartment
You stay and forget where the heart is
Someday if ever you love me you'd say its okay
It's okay
It's okay

[[inside out]]

Here. A little sympathy for you to waste on me
I know you're faking it but that's okay
And I don't want to drag it out
Don't want to bring you down
I never wanted it to end this way

Even if I wanted to
I don't think that I'd get to you
There's nothing I can say to you to make you feel alive again

Here. A little jealousy
I hope you think of me
Hope you wonder where I sleep at night
Cause I feel like I'm inside out
You got me upside down
Maybe I was holding on too tight

Even if I wanted to
I don't think that I'd get to you
There's nothing I can say to you to make you feel alive again

So don't just say goodbye to me
Just turn your back away and leave
And if you're lucky I will be your last regret, your only friend

The two of us we dream like one
The two of us, the two of us
The two of use take breath like one
The two of us, the two of us

I guess that this is over now
I guess it's called the falling out
But everyday I'm learning how to make it through this life I'm in

Even if I wanted to
I don't think that I'd get to you
There's nothing I can say to you to make you feel alive again

So don't just say goodbye to me
Just turn your back away and leave
And if you're lucky I will be your last regret, your only friend

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memorable yearbook quotes..from the few people who i had sign it.   
10:40pm 21/06/2004
mood: sleepy
"i should have made love to u when i had the chance" - James H.

"i'm gonna miss giving u a hard time" - Anthony M.

"you're a good person & i'll never forget your kind nature" - Omar

"about what's his face, u could do better =)" - Ivette M.

"good luck in college..maybe there will be less drama" - BJ

"i won't be missing that class @ all but i will miss u" - Josh M.

"remember not all girls are bad!" - Michelle H.

"soldau is a joke!" - Jaime

"unlike some people in this world, u have good karma =)" - Andrea H.

"i will miss your smile..&..lots of antibacterial lotion" - Ms. Soldau

"i will never forget the ambulance experience.." - Mr. Wood

"don't let ----- get away with things, even though u guys are soo cute" - Rubi

"i'm gonna miss the chip runs & the HOTTNESS" - Mikaela

"i valued our friendship; from the horny butterfly, to talking about the Simple Life..u know u want my sexy ass!" - Michael R.

"we need to have a bon voyage party for u" - Josh R.

"i can't believe i won't be seeing u every night..i guess when i go up north i'll have to 'hit u up'" - Frodo

"i'm glad u got over the breakup in 7th grade & we were able to talk again" - Andrew C.

"thank u for never giving up on me..you're my world!" - Meems

and when erin signs mine, i'll have a memorable line or 2 from what she wrote to me on here. hopefully no one got mad that i posted these. 0=)

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saves the day tickets are only $13?   
06:14pm 21/06/2004
mood: happy
i can't believe how cheap those tickets are. i'm definitely gonna take advantage of seeing them here before they go to anaheim/la..plus hot rod circuit is pretty awesome..& i haven't heard of the other band that's playing as well [boys night out]..i really wanna get a hoodie or tee or sticker or all 3 or something..i'm also pretty excited about warped tour..i can't wait to see coheed & cambria..definitely gonna get a hoodie or tee or sticker or all 3! who knows..anyways..saturday was pretty boring but then it got fun..i had to go to SDSU @ like 730 am for the ELM/EPT cuz i haven't taken it & i can't fully register for my classes @ CSUMB w/out them..i got lost cuz i couldn't find the building, but then i finally figured out where it was & met some really nice people..& guess who i saw..anybody remember Alex Paullada from HMS 7th grade?? yeah..i saw him..i couldn't believe what i saw..he's like a total social/jock..he's not as tall as he used to be, he's covered in acne & he has long, curly hair. i was shocked. i used to be in love w/ him. well those 2 tests were boring & the english part was a total drag..it wasn't hard but there was just a lot to answer..the essay was really easy..the math part was, well..i'm not a math person but i don't think it too hard..i just hope i passed both! the good part was that when we finished the math we could leave whenever..so i left after i finished & went home & slept..i felt bad though cuz erin called to say her party already started & i said that i wouldn't be able to make it until a lil while later..well, the time i was supposed to be there, i was still sleeping..but i went to her party right after i woke up..funny girl..said she was gonna call & ask why i wasn't there since tyler was already over [she was just kidding about that & wanted to get my attention]!! lol..@ the party, we all learned that her true name is ERWIN STEPONME WRUCK..lol we still love u, erin..wow her mom's bf has like the coolest backyard bar EVER..it's sooo nice..i want one. we all had a great conversation about the craziness that is crazy girl..it was funny..then i started working on my scrapbook & realized i need more clear page holders cuz i'm almost out..yesterday, i really didn't do anything special..i got my dad some led zeppelin cd set that he wanted & he was really happy w/ it..today, i filled out an insurance report because there is more drama going along with my car accident & i had to fill out yet ANOTHER flippin statement..then i cleaned my room..& got a call from my new roomie @ monterey bay!! her name is jennifer & she lives in chico & she sounds really sweet. we're definitely gonna get along & i'm really happy about that because i was worried that i'd get a roommate that i wouldn't get along w/..but after talking to her for a while, she sounds like a really nice person. hopefully we'll get a pet [guinea pig!] & if not, then maybe i'll bring my turtles since their box is small anyways..coheed & cambria will fit perfectly in monterey bay!!

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high school..IT'S OVER!!!   
07:30pm 18/06/2004
mood: happy
graduation was today & i'm so stoked about it. i'm so glad high school is over & i'll be out of this shithole place by august 20th. i cried when we were about to leave the gym..then our class got punk'd when the speaker-lady said "congrats chula vista high" when we're HILLTOP HIGH..then we got punk'd again when a streaker ran through the grass & everyone was loud for the rest of the ceremony..i almost slipped when i went up the ramp but finally made it & gave mr. wood, mr. cawthron, ms. fericelli [who raised my shades to see if i was crying] & ms. cannada hugs..so in my official graduation picture, i'm rockin the shades & giving mr. wood a hug instead of receiving my diploma & i'm laughing. then a bunch of the teachers sitting in the aisles congratulated me & ivette said she loved me & my shoes got stuck in the grass for the billionth time..then i cried when we moved our tassles from the right to left side. then i took pictures with mr. wood, mr. cawthron, jenn, erin, meems, tyler, evan, johnny, roxanna, alan & a couple others. & that was it. then my parents said they were getting me warped tour tickets as part of my graduation present cuz they felt bad that they didn't get me a lei cuz they weren't sure if i wanted one or not.

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04:46pm 17/06/2004
mood: tired
gradnite was pretty fun..it didn't live up to the "hype" it apparently has, but it was fun. the only part/s that weren't fun were the bus trip, because i was somehow placed onto the first bus & that meant i was away from ty, erin, meems & camacho [& alan & matt huard..they're funny] and when i felt dizzy from not having enough sugar. the whole bus situation was pretty fucked up..stupid mrs. larson lied to tyler & i when she talked to us a few weeks ago about our situation & why we felt we needed to be separated from certain people. so last night when my ID was getting checked & my name checked for being on the list, it wasn't there. i yelled @ mrs. larson & the stupid chaperone lady for bus 2 & walked off to bus 1 where i yelled @ mrs. gutierrez & she yelled @ me. stupid bitch. so i walked to the back of the bus & i pushed so many people out of my way because they wouldn't move & i was pissed off about the whole thing. so i sit down & just start crying because i was so mad & then my phone rings. it was tyler calling to ask what happened & if i was okay & he thought the whole thing sucked cuz we got lied to. then erin & alan called cuz they thought it sucked as well..& then meems called cuz she thought it was ridiculous & then i talked to camacho & tyler again. i really thought i was gonna have a sucky time on the bus but it actually turned into a quick ride. hiram, jon & hector were hilarious & i was laughing like the entire time. finally when we got to shizneyland, i met up with the group & we made our way into the park. tyler & camacho freaked out cuz they saw nicole marino & then tyler looked over @ me & remembered some remarks he made about her during prom & i gave him shit about being so mean. & the dress code they have..PURE BULLSHIT! there were people wearing jeans & flip flops..& for the bag checks..they looked in it once & approved, & i still had candy & other stuff in there & they didn't notice. here's the rundown of the rides we went on throughout the night:

1. pirates of the caribbean - *i got violated on PotC [erin]*butt pirates*the employee that came out of nowhere & scared meems & i*what the hell is up with that guy's hair?*shhhh lauren! can u say it loud enough?!*
2. haunted mansion - *keep your hands & body in the seat @ all times*tyler rankin, get back in your seat*spree break!*did it break down? why are they repeating "keep your hands.." so much?*dude..that ghost thing that pops out is blue..or am i trippin?*
3. splash mountain - *erin's storytelling voice*the brer rabbit story*getting wet*we all have to make crazy faces when we go down the big drop*classic faces on our picture*tyler, u look like you're yelling & trying to hit someone..i'm smiling & my eyes are closed yet i look confused..erin's gangster pose, what what??!!*
4. indiana jones - *getting separated from the group with tyler*lauren, get in front of me*touchy-feely bastards*i don't remember this ride being so awesome!*
5. peter pan - *wow look how pretty this is..lauren wake up..look!*why are they playing this stupid song over & over again?? i HATE this song!!*piggyback rides*there once was a story..about a man named tyler rankin..who almost fell off of his chair & onto his butt..& then he was embarrassed & walked away..& then came back [erin's song]*everyone laughing @ ty cuz somehow he got off balance from his chair*are u feeling okay? i'll fall off of my chair again if u want*

i'm sure there's more but i can't remember anything else right now..towards the end of the night, we just went shopping & all i bought was a scrapbook starter, a pen, candy & Figaro for tyler. so we all made our way to the buses & since hiram & jon wanted to switch buses with tyler so we could be together, tyler went with me on bus 1..mrs. g wasn't there yet so we went inside & pretended to sleep so we wouldn't be bothered with if they took roll. gogo took roll & i told him to pretend that tyler was jon & he agreed..but then meems calls me & tells me that their stupid chaperone bitch is checking IDs..i was like ooooooohhhh shit. a couple minutes later, i see jon making his way towards the back of the bus & the stupid chaperone bitch makes an announcement on our bus: "is there a tyler rankin on this bus?" & she repeats it a couple times & i'm freaking out & everyone looks over @ me & i finally had to tell tyler that we couldn't get away with it cuz if he didn't go back to his original bus, bad shit would happen. i still feel really bad about what happened after, even though he told me not to worry about it. i hate that stupid bitch..she always gives me some nasty look @ school & she was in a really bitchy mood. she had no right to fuckin go off on anyone. well, after that drama, i guess gradnite was fun. i got to spend the entire night with my closest buddies & we all had a great time.

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senior banquet   
03:07pm 16/06/2004
mood: excited
last night was so much fun. meems came over @ around 430 and we played with coheed & cambria..she was surprised to see @ how small they are & we watched them eat their pellets..then we started to get ready for the banquet..she was already in her dress & i was still in my slacks but then i couldn't find shoes to go with them so i was gonna wear jeans..but then meems said it was better to be overdressed than underdressed..so i asked my mom if i could borrow her long black skirt..so i wore that with my lacy shirt & my dragonfly shoes..then my mom took pictures of us & then we left..then erin called & told me that jordan knight will be on the next surreal life & we were all excited about that..then meems & i picked up brad..who changed into a dressier shirt when we got to his house cuz he felt underdressed..then we made our way to the banquet. we got there, picked up prom pictures [ours looks bomb if u ask me] & made our way to the actual banquet. we took complimentary pictures when we got inside but apparently the picture i took with ivette got "stolen" or "thrown away", which was the conclusion camacho came up with & those who were there know what conclusion we came up with about our picture. ANYWAYS..then we started to eat our dinner & then it was time for the awards/slideshow..josh accepted erin's on her behalf since she wasn't there..& then it was time for dancing. lol i got down with camacho & had a blast..except my skirt got in the way of us going all the way down but we managed 0=) & then i danced with meems of course..& omar & peleti & ivette & brad, kind of..lol i danced more there than @ prom..between dancing & pictures, i spent the night talking to various people. it was a lot of fun!! then after the banquet, we took brad home & then meems & i were on our way back to my house when we saw mike becker's car..lol we followed him all the way to the house that he was dropping someone off @..it was hilarious..then we took the long way home & had a drive by @ someone's house..& then we made our way back to my house..chilled for a bit & then she went home..this morning, i got a surprising call from tyler. i knew it was him cuz of the ringtone that played & i was like wow i haven't heard that for a couple days..it was nice. we kind of catched up on things & he said that i need to keep an eye on him all night & basically be his "other half" the entire time. i'm down with that cuz we already planned it to be that way but then i thought differently this past week but now that he brought it up, i was happy. it's weird cuz i was about to call him & ask him what the deal was but then he called me & we figured it all out. i'm so excited for tonight to chill with my OTHER other-halves..erin of course, my funny & talkative half..meems, my sunshine half..camacho, my brutally honest half..& tyler, my taller, sarcastic & squirrelly half. 0=)

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